YPPDO+CDC+Title IX: “Bystander Intervention Workshop”

Event time: 
Friday, October 6, 2017 - 3:45pm
3rd floor SPL See map
Event description: 

In our research, teaching, and classes, we will have many interactions and make many decisions that affect the climate of our community, and being an active bystander – addressing instances of disrespect and unprofessionalism when the occur – goes a long way to making our community welcoming and productive for all of us.

This year, the Physics Climate & Diversity Committee and the Yale Physics Professional Development Organization have arranged for a Bystander Intervention Workshop for our graduate students, in order to help build a more supportive community and to encourage respectful professional conduct.

This workshop has been developed by Yale’s Title IX Office and Office of Gender and Campus Culture and has received excellent reviews from the over 1,500 graduate and professional students who have participated in their own workshops over the past year. The workshop aims to teach participants skills to address instances of sexual disrespect and unprofessionalism, and has been customized to address the specific dynamics of academic and social life in our department.

Graduate students only.